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Our Brand was born with the intention of providing an unmistakable product. A symbol to identify you as a conscientious modern day trend setter, to provide every one with the means to be the newest IT girl or boy and be thriving. Whether our garments empower you on your daily errands or how you choose to step out, its guaranteed you will be turning heads wherever you go. We understand that our customers pride quality and style above all else and thats exactly why we’ve spent several months developing the best possible fabrics and materials for your comfort and peace of mind that you are investing in a long lasting piece of art that is timeless. Our iconic “flow” chain truly was the base of our inspiration creating a initial collection of basics which revolved around it. Ever-changing and Eye catching the flow is our ode to sustainability, providing you with one garment with the switching of its hardware the infinite ability to be everchanging. Our brand is intended to be a bridge between the streetwear and luxury market, creating a middle space purveyors of both can appreciate, enjoy and see the beauty of.
Our mission was never to just produce stylish clothes, it was to produce clothes that would last forever but how long can forever be when our planet is on a stopclock. Every piece is made by hand by real people, on a real wage in a real factory. Using recycled cotton, vegan leather and organic fibres we aim to be completely micro plastic free by September 2021 and lead the way for many more sustainable brands to follow. 

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